Cancerous Mole

Moles Cancer / Malignant Melanoma

Someone will look beautiful with a mole because a mole is suppossed no dangerous at all, instead looks attractive especially if located at the end of upper lips or chin. Normal moles have small size and texture and do not cause any certain effects such as itching and pain. If a mole has an experienced effects of itching, it should be awared. May it could have been turned into a melanoma that is a kind of skin cancer. Melanoma or in Latin language also known as Malignant Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer hich begins from a mole that have an inflammation which caused by the exposure of the sun’s ultraviolet rays too often.

The average of person has 10-40 moles in their body. Moles are mostly begin to grow for the first 20 years of life. This growth is also mostly influenced by the environment and a habitual activity which unhealthy.

The mole is include as a kind of benign tumors in human skin. In medical terms, a mole is called as nevus pigmentosus. The characteristic of this benign tumor is a dark color, some has a fixed size, but the others continue to grow bigger so it would be worried the owner. The sunlight is necessary to be awared as the cause of melanoma. The open sunlight will affect to the increase in melanin pigment which become excessive so it can enlarge the size of a mole. White people, for example, are more susceptible to get melanoma than we compared to the people in Asia or Africa. Similarly, the exposure of the ultra violet rays which has chronic cumulative will increase the risk of melanoma skin cancer.

Recognize the effects of the mole

There are three categories of analysis of a mole, which is still normal, or has directed to be a malignant cancer. This analysis can help us to find out the rate of changes a mole itself.


Benign moles can be said as a benign moles if the shape, size and no colour changes. The ideal size is about 1-6mm. If it is greater than normal size and the texture has been arised, still include as a normal mole when the shape has no changes to become larger.

Pre Cancer

Moles are included into the pre-cancer if in the shape has changed to become larger and irregular.


This stage is quite easily to recognize and very important to be awared and quick handling. A mole which has been enlarged, itchy, hurt if scratched and bleeding. The problem of a mole is not just a problem on the skin surface, but also the problem in the lower layers of the skin, so it’s rarely to give a treatment with traditional treatment. The mole which has a risk of cancer should be treated immediately before experience to be metastatic or spread to other parts of the body.

That’s why it is really important to detect the changes of a mole into melanoma in early stage, when the cure rates with surgery almost 100%. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the body, but mostly found in the back, buttocks, legs, scalp, neck, and behind the ears.

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which can not be underestimated. This cancer occurs in cells that produce melanin pigment or the cells that give color to the skin. Not only on the skin, melanoma also occurs in the eyes and internal organs such as the gastrointestinal tract although this is just rarely happen. The genetic factors and the radiation of ultraviolet rays (UV) can increase the risk of melanoma.
If the doctor suspects of a melanoma, excision biopsy may be done. This procedure is usually done with a small scalpel or scissors to take partial tissues of a mole to be investigated in the laboratory.

Diagnosis and Prevention of Moles Cancers

Try to visit your doctor if your mole has shown the indication which has directed of melanoma. Itching and continues to be enlarged size, often ignore, just because they thought that it would not be worst. Be careful with these symptoms, moreover if you have white skin and almost do outdoor activities and exposed to direct sunlight. For the first it just feels itchy, and it could be turned into pain and bleeding. For that, visit your a doctor if there is symptoms of melanoma. The doctor may ask for the information about the development of your moles and your family history. The doctor will do this because it would be more potential if your family history have ever experienced in this melanoma disease.

A common method that usually used by the doctor in examining the moles is using ABCDE rules, namely:

Asymmetry : the moles in symmetrical shape are ideal and in safe category, if not in symmetry shape, it can be awared as a symptom of cancer.

Border : if the boundary between the moles with skin is very clear, it means the conditions are safe.

Color : the color of a mole is usually one color, if there are many colors, they could be suspected

Diameter : The ideal size is 0.6 cm (6 mm). If bigger than 0.6 cm (6 mm), there is the indication of melanomas.

Elevation / enlargement: If contoured has been arise, it is categorized as poorly.

You should also know that having a lot of moles have a greater risk of melanoma. Hairy moles have no indication of melanoma cancer. If there is a suspicion of melanoma, usually a doctor will do a biopsy and if the result is positive, the doctor will perform surgery and the mole is removed from the skin.

The Surgery Of The Moles Cancer

Mole small and relatively not dangerous can be removed with liquid gas which is frozen or applying a substance that has the same effect. For larger lesions, it needs to be removed by the surgery. This operation is relatively simple and usually performed under local anesthesia. The area around the lesion will be completely anesthetized but you still feel concious. In other cases, general anesthesia may be necessary if the mole removal takes along time or difficult. If the surgery is done with a laser, does not require the anesthesia because it is painless. The patient will only feel the tingling sensation during a surgical procedure.
The procedures of miles surgery are very safe and almost have no side effects, but maybe from the anesthetic. However, if the lesion is large enough, you may have a permanent scar. Moles do not usually grow back after being removed.

The Risk Moles

The following types of moles are more at risk than others to become a cancer:

1. The mole which has a large size at birth.

2. The moles tend to be inherited in a large size and irregular shape. Usually has a center with a dark brown and light colors with uneven boundary.

3. The moles which appear more than 20 pieces.

The Treatment of Melanoma

The treatment of melanoma depends on the symptoms of the disease. Effective way of treatment is to remove it from the skin surface, but this case can only be done for early melanoma. Melanoma can be removed from the skin if it has not spread yet. The success rate of surgical is almost approaching 100%. Although the success rate is high enough, it does not mean for the people who has already done the melanoma surgery, do not control the skin condition. Because there is also a risk again. So, always control if the operation has already been done.

Melanoma that has been spread, The way of treatment is with chemotherapy. But the recovery rate is quite low and often causes a fatal result. For the experimental treatment with immunotherapy of interleukin-2 is recommended because it gives promising results.

The Prevention of Moles Cancer

Before melanoma attackes your skin, never ignore a mole that has a changed shape. Protect your skin from direct Ultraviolet rays by using sunscreen every day (with a minimum of SPF 15) and use a hat, glasses, long sleeve shirts, long pants or long skirts. Do not often under the sun rays for a long time. Avoid the sun at midday (at 10-14).

Remove Moles

The cause of moles

It seems that most people like to see a mole above the lip, the chin or in a an exciting place to be seen. Moles are considered to be a gift, because the function is giving the interesting accent. But what about a mole that grows irregularly on our skin? Of course it is really disturbing especially for a woman who always wants to look attractive everytime. Basically moles are congenital genes from the parents, if parents have many moles, then children also have many moles also.
In medical world, moles are usually called nevus or nevi. The occurrence of a mole caused of the accumulation of pigment in the skin surface. The Internal factors of a mole can also because of a lack of endurance, racial or ethnic factors and skin color. While the external factors derived from the excessive influence of ultraviolet rays on the skin, the influence of food consumed and the possibility of unhealthy food, air pollution and water around the surrounding environment.
The Moles that are usually mostly owned by people only as a limited  accumulation of pigment so that many of them assumed that would not be dangerous moles. Generally it’s true that moles are not dangerous, but do you know that  the real mole could also become dangerous? Moles can become malignant skin cancer when they are accompanied by itching or pain, striking discoloration such as can be darker, lighter or paler. Moreover the moles that grow enlarge abnormally also dangerous, wide irregularly, no longer uneven surface, easy bleeding and become ulceration or wound which is difficult to cure. The mole that become a risk of tumors should be treated immediately and before being of metastatic or spread to other parts of body.
If your mole has changed into the dangerous direction, immediately do medical examination and if it proves dangerous,do a treatment. However, with an advanced technology in today’s medical world, moles can be removed by surgery or laser techniques. The most secure and easy way to remove warts or moles are operated them, of course by medical personnel. Not only safe, but also the doctors who performed surgery warts does not cause any pain and no stain scar. Usually the patient will be anesthetized in a growing area of the wart, so that when the wart cut, the patient will feels no pain. Moreover the surgery of removing the warts, generally not include as a major surgery so the recovery process do not required a long time.

Natural way to remove moles
And if you want to remove the mole before it becomes dangerous or just do not want to have moles, you can also do a natural way such as follows:

1. With apple cider vinegar or apple juice.
It’s easy way, just needs apple thatt tastes sour, can be bought at the supermarket, fruit store or own garden. Then apple is blended into a juice then apply it on a mole that want to be removed. But better to use the apple cider vinegar, the acid content which is more viscous and other substances will be easier to remove moles. Only wet a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and stick to the moles and cover with a bandage. Do this repeatedly until the moles removed. This method is suitable if you want to remove a mole on the face.

2. Jarak Leaf
The benefits of Jarak leaf is prodigious, especially for natural medicine, and one of them is to remove the moles. The trick is simple, gently apply the oil of jarak leaf on a mole and do over and over every day until the mole fall off and removed.

3. A paste of Baking Soda and Kasturi Oil
The Same simple way with above, you simply apply a paste of baking soda or oil kasturi at moles. But better if done before going to bed and leave it while you sleep. In the morning, clean up all the compound of your skin. Do it every day and you should see your mole is getting smaller and disappear.

4. Garlic

Apply garlic every day for two to three weeks. The weakness of this way is to take a little longer but you will get better results. It’s just possible that you will feel uncomfortable with the smell of it.

5. Honey

Honey is a natural product that also famous for its healing process. You just apply honey on your mole. You need to use raw honey that usually available in pharmacies, because honey which found in food stores is a kind of honey that has been pasteurized by enzymes that have been destroyed. Honey is also very good for your skin care.

6. Pineapple

Aspartic acid that contained in pineapples can also be used to remove moles. Spread pineapple juice on your moles daily until the mole fall off and disappear.

You can also choose, perform the medical procedures or in a natural way to remove your moles. You should do it wisely because not all moles are dangerous. Probably you may include a sweet person with a mole. So that better  if you want to remove moles if only have disturbed your health.

Brown Spots On Face

Cause Brown Spot On The Face

The face is clean and healthy is everyone’s dream, while reflecting a certain satisfaction to see the face of a smooth, clean and healthy. Not everyone has a clean face. There are several skin problems they face, for example, acne, oily skin, and black spots.

Skin Blemish

Skin Blemish Care

Speaking of the black spots on the face, black spots on the face actually appears due to seven causes black spots on the face such as:

1.Ultraviolet rays – Ultraviolet rays damage the epidermis sulfihidril group so it can not bind to the Cu ion of the enzyme tyrosinase. As a result, no one hinder the process of pigmentation.

2. Hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and MSH (melanin stimulating hormone) acts on the spots. In pregnancy, the spots are usually widespread in the third trimester. On the contraceptive pill users, the spots appear within 1 month to 2 years after starting use of the pill.

3.  The drugs – Difenilhidantoin, mesantoin, klorpromazine, cytostatic and minocycline can cause spots. These drugs are deposited layer of the upper dermis and cumulatively can stimulate hyperpigmentation.

4. Genetic – Reported cases of families around 20-70 percent.

5. Ras – Hyperpigmentation is common in Hispanic and black groups of color.

6. Cosmetics – The use of cosmetics that contain perfumes, dyes, or certain substances can cause photosensitivity which can result in hyperpigmentation of the face, when exposed to sunlight.

7. Idiopathic (not clearly) – To eliminate completely is very difficult, because it is chronic plaque residif,  means a process that has lasted longer and could be back again. We can help to dilute and disguise it, and it also requires patience and a regular control. Perfect treatment is causal therapy is to find the cause.