Remove Moles

The cause of moles

It seems that most people like to see a mole above the lip, the chin or in a an exciting place to be seen. Moles are considered to be a gift, because the function is giving the interesting accent. But what about a mole that grows irregularly on our skin? Of course it is really disturbing especially for a woman who always wants to look attractive everytime. Basically moles are congenital genes from the parents, if parents have many moles, then children also have many moles also.
In medical world, moles are usually called nevus or nevi. The occurrence of a mole caused of the accumulation of pigment in the skin surface. The Internal factors of a mole can also because of a lack of endurance, racial or ethnic factors and skin color. While the external factors derived from the excessive influence of ultraviolet rays on the skin, the influence of food consumed and the possibility of unhealthy food, air pollution and water around the surrounding environment.
The Moles that are usually mostly owned by people only as a limited  accumulation of pigment so that many of them assumed that would not be dangerous moles. Generally it’s true that moles are not dangerous, but do you know that  the real mole could also become dangerous? Moles can become malignant skin cancer when they are accompanied by itching or pain, striking discoloration such as can be darker, lighter or paler. Moreover the moles that grow enlarge abnormally also dangerous, wide irregularly, no longer uneven surface, easy bleeding and become ulceration or wound which is difficult to cure. The mole that become a risk of tumors should be treated immediately and before being of metastatic or spread to other parts of body.
If your mole has changed into the dangerous direction, immediately do medical examination and if it proves dangerous,do a treatment. However, with an advanced technology in today’s medical world, moles can be removed by surgery or laser techniques. The most secure and easy way to remove warts or moles are operated them, of course by medical personnel. Not only safe, but also the doctors who performed surgery warts does not cause any pain and no stain scar. Usually the patient will be anesthetized in a growing area of the wart, so that when the wart cut, the patient will feels no pain. Moreover the surgery of removing the warts, generally not include as a major surgery so the recovery process do not required a long time.

Natural way to remove moles
And if you want to remove the mole before it becomes dangerous or just do not want to have moles, you can also do a natural way such as follows:

1. With apple cider vinegar or apple juice.
It’s easy way, just needs apple thatt tastes sour, can be bought at the supermarket, fruit store or own garden. Then apple is blended into a juice then apply it on a mole that want to be removed. But better to use the apple cider vinegar, the acid content which is more viscous and other substances will be easier to remove moles. Only wet a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and stick to the moles and cover with a bandage. Do this repeatedly until the moles removed. This method is suitable if you want to remove a mole on the face.

2. Jarak Leaf
The benefits of Jarak leaf is prodigious, especially for natural medicine, and one of them is to remove the moles. The trick is simple, gently apply the oil of jarak leaf on a mole and do over and over every day until the mole fall off and removed.

3. A paste of Baking Soda and Kasturi Oil
The Same simple way with above, you simply apply a paste of baking soda or oil kasturi at moles. But better if done before going to bed and leave it while you sleep. In the morning, clean up all the compound of your skin. Do it every day and you should see your mole is getting smaller and disappear.

4. Garlic

Apply garlic every day for two to three weeks. The weakness of this way is to take a little longer but you will get better results. It’s just possible that you will feel uncomfortable with the smell of it.

5. Honey

Honey is a natural product that also famous for its healing process. You just apply honey on your mole. You need to use raw honey that usually available in pharmacies, because honey which found in food stores is a kind of honey that has been pasteurized by enzymes that have been destroyed. Honey is also very good for your skin care.

6. Pineapple

Aspartic acid that contained in pineapples can also be used to remove moles. Spread pineapple juice on your moles daily until the mole fall off and disappear.

You can also choose, perform the medical procedures or in a natural way to remove your moles. You should do it wisely because not all moles are dangerous. Probably you may include a sweet person with a mole. So that better  if you want to remove moles if only have disturbed your health.

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