Brown Spots On Face

Cause Brown Spot On The Face

The face is clean and healthy is everyone’s dream, while reflecting a certain satisfaction to see the face of a smooth, clean and healthy. Not everyone has a clean face. There are several skin problems they face, for example, acne, oily skin, and black spots.

Skin Blemish

Skin Blemish Care

Speaking of the black spots on the face, black spots on the face actually appears due to seven causes black spots on the face such as:

1.Ultraviolet rays – Ultraviolet rays damage the epidermis sulfihidril group so it can not bind to the Cu ion of the enzyme tyrosinase. As a result, no one hinder the process of pigmentation.

2. Hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and MSH (melanin stimulating hormone) acts on the spots. In pregnancy, the spots are usually widespread in the third trimester. On the contraceptive pill users, the spots appear within 1 month to 2 years after starting use of the pill.

3.  The drugs – Difenilhidantoin, mesantoin, klorpromazine, cytostatic and minocycline can cause spots. These drugs are deposited layer of the upper dermis and cumulatively can stimulate hyperpigmentation.

4. Genetic – Reported cases of families around 20-70 percent.

5. Ras – Hyperpigmentation is common in Hispanic and black groups of color.

6. Cosmetics – The use of cosmetics that contain perfumes, dyes, or certain substances can cause photosensitivity which can result in hyperpigmentation of the face, when exposed to sunlight.

7. Idiopathic (not clearly) – To eliminate completely is very difficult, because it is chronic plaque residif,  means a process that has lasted longer and could be back again. We can help to dilute and disguise it, and it also requires patience and a regular control. Perfect treatment is causal therapy is to find the cause.

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